New Horizons

If you have a completely open mind about where to take your group and an adventurous spirit which might lead you to a less visited European destination or somewhere further afield, then our New Horizons tours are something you should explore.

From the medieval splendour of Tallinn and the Baltic states to the hustle and bustle of New York, from the cultural diversity of Japan to the beauty of the Italian Riviera and from the heritage of the UK and Ireland to the fascinating history of Georgia and Armenia. We can take you to all of these places and many more besides – nowhere is off limits.

Here are New Horizons you might like to explore.

Rio de Janeiro - Bespoke Concert Tours - Musica Europa

Rio de Janeiro

Wedged between exotic forests and sandy beaches, Rio is the home of the samba, carnival and an irresistible boundless lust for life like nowhere else in the world.

Christmas Fair - Bespoke Concert Tours - Musica Europa

Christmas Markets

Combine music, seasonal cheer, heart-warming cuisine and festive shopping with a winter concert tour to one of Europe’s delightful Christmas markets.

Tallinn - Bespoke Concert Tours - Musica Europa

The Baltic States

Discover the treasures of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia with their medieval splendour, verdant forests, beautiful lakes and compelling folk traditions.

New York - Bespoke Concert Tours - Musica Europa

New York

Stimulate every one of your senses in the city that never sleeps and when you’ve had your fill of the hustle and bustle be sure to enjoy a moment of serenity with a stroll through Central Park.

Tokyo - Bespoke Concert Tours - Musica Europa


From the sleek Bullet Train to Buddhist Temples and from Mount Fuji to the neon-lit streets of Tokyo every day is special in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Vernazza - Bespoke Concert Tours - Musica Europa

Italian Riviera

Experience the Ligurian coast of Italy, where the Alps meet the Mediterranean Sea and where the welcome is as warm as the sun that looks down on the picture book villages nestling into the rocks.

London - Bespoke Concert Tours - Musica Europa

United Kingdom and Ireland

Explore the heritage, traditions and diversity of touring within the British Isles, where the majesty of a 1000-year-old monarchy lives side-by-side with beautiful landscapes, rich musical culture, modern cities and architectural gems.

Khor Virap and Ararat - Bespoke Concert Tours - Musica Europa

Georgia and Armenia

Step into this rich and fascinating region where Europe and Asia rub shoulders and where cultural influences from Russia, Iran and the Middle East have all been absorbed over the centuries.

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